Ring Spinning

The process of spinning fibres (plant, animal or synthetic) to form yarn for weaving & knitting has been in existence since many millennia. From simple hand spinning techniques like winding on rocks, spindle & the spinning wheel, the process of yarn formation has evolved to ring spinning. Invented in the early 1800's, it now accounts for bulk of the yarn produced in the world.

We have 17,664 ring spinning spindles on which we produce polyester yarns with a capacity of 7500 tons per year.


Ring Spun Yarn

The product range is constantly evolving & inspired by the changing consumer preferences in the domestic and global textile industry.

  • 100% Polyester spun yarn SD – 1/8s to 1/30s (Gopaljee Ring Brand)
  • 100% Polyester spun yarn optical white – 1/18s & 1/30s (Gopaljee Ring Brand)

*Micro Polyester Yarns also available against specific order.

  • Injection – Polyester base with viscose injection (Black & white dyeable) – 1/24s to 1/40s
  • Mechanical Slub Yarn – 1/16s to 1/30s

*Black grindle, different injection combinations also available against specific order

All products are dyeing quality & give users the option to develop a wide range of colours. We have a separate range of products suitable for knitting & weaving.