Chairman & MD

Mr. Gagan Khanna
"To create a business that is booming, just having satisfied
customers is not enough – you need to create raving fans"

Dear Associates,
We are delighted that you are considering our group for your yarn requirements. We take great pride in having always set the benchmarks for the entire spinning industry in terms of customer satisfaction, product, quality & honouring our commitments.

A product from Arisudana promises consistent quality ultimately converting to great value upon consumption. To ensure the highest quality, Arisudana brings together the power of the 5 M's: Men, Materials, Machinery, Marketing & Money. Hundreds of satisfied customers are living proof that our focused approach not only works but stands out amongst our peers.

However, in today's world, a successful enterprise cannot afford the luxury of sitting on its reputation alone but has to continually strive to transform itself to satisfy the ever changing consumer demand which is exactly what the management at Arisudana engineers.


Executive Director

Mr. Sidharth Khanna
"The biggest job satisfaction lies
in the happiness of your customers"

Mr Sidharth Khanna represents the second generation of Arisudana groups founding family. Having studied at the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE) in addition to having an engineering background, he has further streamlined many aspects of the business since joining in 2009.

He has brought a culture of quality to the group which has ensured that the quality of their product has remained consistent, reliable & served as a benchmark for the remaining industry. He is deeply committed to safeguarding the interests of their customers & believes in focusing on ensuring the profitability of the buyer rather than their own. It is no wonder that under his leadership, Arisudana has been able to increase its production to 2000 tons/month, a 250% increase with even more significant gains in the bottom line.



Mr. Harish Kaura

1987 is the year when I joined Gopaljee Spinners which is now named as Arisudana Industries Limited (Since 1995) and holding an experience of more than 3 decades in textile Industry. There comes a time when a company has to define how it sees itself and the identity it wants the world to see. This is the most fundamental and important aspect of an organization, far more important than what line of business we are in or what infrastructure and other strengths we possess.

For, what you Visualize and aspire to is what you will become. At Arisudana Industries Limited (Gopaljee) we see ourselves as Innovators, constantly creating and evolving, providing solutions not easily available in the market. We are differentiated from others not only in the level of value addition we do but also in the uniqueness of our products. In many of our ranges we are either the First or only manufacturer of that goods in India.

We follow robust value systems, touching every area we work in with the highest level of Sincerity, Integrity, Honesty and transparency, celebrating and nurturing the talent and spirit of the people who make up our company. We Dream and make other's dreams come true. Our main motive is Consumer Satisfaction and we aim at making Arisudana Industries as the biggest Synthetic Spun Yarn Supplier in India.


Director Sales & Marketing

Mr. Akarsh Kaura

Every person has his or her own Role Model and the person whom I always admire is my father. I try to imitate him and follow his mantras of living a life. After completing my Bachelors in Business Administration, the zest of becoming a successful businessman like him , I joined Arisudana Industries Limited (Gopaljee) in 2014 . And since then I have realised that there is no shortcut to success. You have to give your cent percent along with your dedication and hardwork.

We aim at maximizing the sales in versatile market conditions and to build and strengthen the long term Consumer Relations. A little knowledge is harmful , so we keep updating ourselves and try to give the best and the latest to the customers after an impressive market research. We have been able to expand the Capacity as well as product range and customer base rapidly. We have a strong hold over the Market of Synthetic Spun Yarn as we are the only manufacturer of Airjet Spun Yarn in India and of Fancy Airjet Spun Yarn in the world. Along with this , we try to catch the eyes of more people of this field through various online and offline modes of Advertisement.

For instance, putting up the exhibitions nationally and internationally , promoting the Company through IndiaMart, YarnLive and through various To provide a safe working atmosphere for the employees is one of our basic duties and we try to keep them motivated and focused on achieving organisational goals. Our aim is to see Arisudana Industries Limited (GopalJee) at the top as the leading Brand of Yarns all over the world.