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In the spinning section, we have MURATEC’s (Japan) AIR-JET spinning machine the Muratec Jet Spinner (MJS) & the Muratec Twin Spinner (MTS).In the preparatory section we have installed TRUTZSCHLER TC-03 carding machines equipped with auto-leveler & auto doffers.
In addition, we have TD-03, the latest auto leveler draw frame in the finisher stage. The humidification system is also fully automatic wherein it is all micro processor based with the critical equipments being imported from HONEYWELL (USA).
These MJS/MTS machines are the 4th generation machines & are installed with the latest INTELLIGENCE-ANALYZER IA/3 for quality control. The EYC on these machines are digital & of SELETEX make, which help in delivering a near perfect yarn. The air supplied to the above plant is generated from microprocessor based full-featured ATLAS COPCO compressors with built in drier.
Air-jet yarn is almost flawless, free of FLY, FLUFF, SLUB & Contaminations. It enhances knitting/weaving efficiency with lesser stoppages, smoother working & also reduces needle breakages because of its low hairiness.
The yarn & sliver testing equipment installed have been manufactured by PREMIER POLYTRONICS (INDIA). More specifically, we have the yarn uster testing machine, sliver testing machine, RKM testing machine & Classimate to ensure that the yarns delivered are of the highest quality
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