airjet Spinning

Spinning Yarn is the process of combining & binding fibres into a continuous yarn which can then be used for knitting or weaving. For the past 200 years, ring frames have dominated the landscape of the yarn spinning industry. However, this lasted till the advent of the air-jet spinning frame which was developed by Muratec Machinery Ltd. Of Japan. This yarn spinning system completely revolutionized the industry due to the superior quality of the yarns produced on it.

This frame operates at 12 times the speed of the conventional ring spinning spindle which makes it a very sensitive machine. It is also correctly known as a “fibre testing machine” as any fibre that runs smoothly on this machine has to be of AAA grade quality.

Airjet polyester yarn is superior in terms of pilling, hairiness, wicking, runability in knitting, dye pick up etc. Moreover, the polyester yarns spun on the Airjet machine are crisper & hence become excellent cheaper substitutes of poly/cotton & cotton yarns due to handfeel & better standing properties.

When used as substitute for poly cotton, it is not only cheaper in price but also gives huge saving in dyeing as only poly dyeing is required compared to both polyester & cotton portions requiring dyeing. It is no wonder that our polyester yarn is commonly referred to as Arisudana poly/cotton yarn.

Today, we take great pride in being the only suppliers of Airjet polyester yarns in the world & are currently operating 6336 spinning positions producing approximately 24000 tons of yarn per year.


Airjet Spun (Ultima) Yarn

The product range is constantly evolving & inspired by the changing consumer preferences in the domestic and global textile industry.

  • 100% Polyester spun yarn SD – 1/12s to 1/40s (Gopaljee Ultima Brand)
*PV35, PA30, PA10 & other blends also available against specific order.
  • Hairy – Polyester base with viscose hairs (Black, white dyeable & multi)
  • Neppy - Polyester base with cotton neps (Black, white dyeable & multi)
  • Melange – Polyester based black melanges in various percentage
  • Dope Dyed Black
*Other counts besides 1/30s also available against specific order.

All products are dyeing quality & give users the option to develop a wide range of colours. We have a separate range of products suitable for knitting & weaving.