Advantages of Gopaljee Airjet Spun (Ultima) Yarn


Airjet Spun Yarn


Conventional Yarn

lower hairiness
  • Lo-Pilling
  • Higher efficiency in downstream processes like knitting, weaving & singeing
  • Cotton-like touch in 100% polyester spun fabrics
  • Fine printing & superior appearance of striper fabrics
parallel/untwisted core fibres
  • Bulkier Yarn which leads to better dye uptake, moisture absorption & drying properties
  • Lower Residual Stresses/more stable yarn gives superior drape of fabric.100% polyester fabrics give crisp cotton like drape making them ideal for mens garments & institutional use & also leads to higher wash resistance
better control during spinning process
  • No dead neps on fabric surface leading to clear fabric appearance
  • Single source yarn leads to only 4-5 joints in full cone vs 50-60 in ring spun yarn
more versatile & flexible yarn
  • As it gives users the additional option of a retaining a crisp drape & touch in the fabric but can be easily modified using simple finishing techniques like silicon softeners