About Arisudana

Arisudana Group is engaged in yarn spinning, manufacturing high quality spun polyester yarns in Ludhiana, Punjab with units at 2 different locations in the city. The groups’ annual turnover for FY2019-20 was Rs 314 Crores (USD 42 million) & its’ current production capacity is 31,500 tons per annum. We manufacture raw-white & fancy polyester yarns on Airjet & Ring Spinning Systems.

In Airjet Spun Yarns, we are the largest producers & only regular suppliers of polyester yarns in the world. We now have 6336 Airjet Spinning positions with a yearly production capacity of 24000 tons.

In Ring Spun Yarns, we have a production capacity of 7500 tons per year.

  • Our Vision

    To develop sustainable, long-term relationships with our business partners & to retain our position as the suppliers of the best quality yarns in the market.

  • Our Expansion

    Further Expansion in Airjet Spinning & Ring Spinning is planned for the near future.

Our Strengths

  • Human Resource : We take pride in retaining a skilled and enthusiastic team which always works very innovatively and cohesively for the organization growth.
  • Machinery : Besides having the latest spinning machinery, our mills are well equipped with the best quality testing apparatus.
  • Materials : There is no compromise made on the quality of the raw-materials
  • Marketing : Our marketing team works tirelessly to serve the needs of our customers.
  • Money : To ensure that we never have to cut corners which may compromise our commitments or product quality, we ensure that we do not work beyond our means.
  • Social Compliance : The mill premises have green, peaceful and healthy environment. Our workmen as well as intermediate staff have been provided free accommodation, canteen, and recreational facilities in mill premises.